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Welcome to [PLACEHOLDER NAME], a head-initial language (noun-adjective, prepositions, possessee-possessor, etc.) with VOS word order. Its phonology is heavily inspired by Armenian, and it uses the Armenian alphabet.


As said above, and as you can probably see if you know a bit about Armenian phonology or you look up the Wikipedia page on Armenian, the phonology is heavily inspired by Armenian.

Labial Alveolar Post-Alveolar Palatal Velar Glottal
Nasal m <մ> n <ն>
Stop Unaspirated p <պ> t <տ> k <կ>
Aspirated pʰ <փ> tʰ <թ> kʰ <ք>
Affricate Voiceless ts <ծ> tʃ <ճ>
Voiced dz <ձ> dʒ <ջ>
Fricative Voiceless f <ֆ> s <ս> ʃ <շ> x <խ> h <հ>
Voiced v <վ> z <զ> ʒ <ժ> ɣ <ղ>
Approximant l <լ> j <յ>
Tap or Flap ɾ <ր>
Front Central Back
High i <ի> u <ւ>
Mid ɛ <ե> ə <ը> ɔ <ո>
Low ɑ <ա>

While all consonants are allowed as an onset, only sonorants, which are /m n l ɾ j/, are allowed to serve as the coda of a syllable. For the nucleus, all vowels can serve, of course. All syllable must have a vowel in them.

Word (IPA) Valid?
məl Valid
ɾɑs Invalid
ɔn Valid
i Valid
f Invalid